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Living on a prayer and an extra gallon of milk.

Dairy Farmers in Crisis

It’s rare that I find myself without words. However for the past few weeks, I’ve tried to write this post several times only to eventually walk away from a blank screen. I’m going to try again, because this is important. Please, if you don’t finish reading this whole post, don’t comment. A year ago at […] Read more…

Have you met my friend Dairy?


I know it’s May but we are going to flip the calendar back a couple months and talk about March for a minute, OK? March was a big month for me, in a 5 day stretch- I was named the Wisconsin Ag Women’s Summit’s Agvocate of the year. Which was an incredible honor and I […] Read more…

Feeding Skittles to Cows.


This week the news of a whole bunch of Skittles candy falling off a truck and covering a road not far from our farm spread like wildfire. The candy was destined to be fed to cows and that raised a whole bunch of questions on why farmers would feed their cows candy and if it […] Read more…

Facebook Live- Learning about the FARM program at World Dairy Expo.


During World Dairy Expo I took the time to chat with Jamie Jonker from National Milk Producers Federation about the National Dairy FARM Program on Facebook live. I wanted to share this video here for those of you who missed it. The video is only 11 minutes long but it’s packed with great information. We […] Read more…

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