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What’s going on?


My one of my best friends lives outside of Boston. She’s a farm girl and misses the sounds of the farm. At least that’s what I tell myself when she reminds me that when I call her, her phone plays the sounds of crickets¬†chirping. ¬†Kind of like this blog lately! Crickets chirping but not much […] Read more…

Hay Drive Update!


So it’s been awhile since i’ve sent out an update on the hay drive. To be honest things have been a little slow lately but now we are picking up steam again and getting ready to send out more hay! So far we have sent out 6 semi loads of hay. We have another load […] Read more…

Hey, Hey, Hay! Hay Drive Update!


So I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t done a good job at keeping everyone up to date on the Waupun Equipment Hay Drive. I took some time and pulled together some photos from both ends of the trip so far. We have delivered 6 loads of hay so far. The three loads of […] Read more…

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