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What’s Really In Milk?


It seems that one of the newest things spreading around the internet like wildfire is photos and videos making claims about what is and isn’t in milk. Most of the wild claims that there is pus or blood or other disgusting stuff comes from Vegan activists who have an agenda to get you to stop […] Read more…

5 Facts About Twin Dairy Calves.


“Double your pleasure, double your fun” might work for Doublemint gum and sitcoms actresses turned fashionistas from my childhood but on a dairy farm twins aren’t so great. I’ve often shared photos of twin calves born on our farm on Instagram and my Facebook page. Baby calves are adorable and twins bring twice the cute […] Read more…

Random cow facts.


I couldn’t come up with a good idea about what to blog about today so I went to the Dairy Carrie facebook page and asked for ideas on what to blog about. Natasha wanted to know about the whole cows have 4 stomachs thing and that got my gears turning about all the random things […] Read more…