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Cake Mix Santa Cookies

Easy Santa Cookie with Cake Mix

Houseful of Cookies Blog Hop!
I decided to try something different and googled cake mix cookie recipes. And then I completely redid the recipe I found to fit what I wanted. Let me tell you, when I took that first bite of warm cookie I was…. unimpressed. It turns out this cookie really shines after it has completely cooled. Read more…

The summer of 2015 has changed our farm and family forever.


This summer has been hectic. For those of you who don’t follow my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feeds, you may have missed some big news that I shared this last winter. That’s right, despite swearing for years and years that we weren’t going to have kids, Hubs and I pulled the ultimate switcheroo, changed our […] Read more…

Humans of Agriculture- Shelley’s Story.


Humans of Agriculture- Shelley’s Story. “I am a working Mother . . . maybe not by traditional standards. I don’t commute to an office, I don’t earn a monthly paycheck, and my business attire usually involves wearing a cap. I get up early . . . so I have a little time for myself before […] Read more…

Humans Of Agriculture- Pam’s Story.


Humans of Agriculture- Pam’s Story. “Dairy farming has always been a part of my life. I was raised on a dairy in NE Iowa and here I am at 55, living 1.5 miles from where I grew up, still on a dairy farm.  Dave and I wanted to raise our three sons to value faith, […] Read more…

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