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Humans of Agriculture- Jeff’s Story.


Humans of Agriculture- Jeff’s Story. “I really had it all, I was a textbook case of pure happiness. But, it was merely a facade. I was actually being bullied and my marriage was falling apart, but I kept a “happy” face on the outside. I turned to alcohol, to the point where I was even […] Read more…

Dirt: A love story.


Sometimes a text message like this one is all you need for a blog post to happen… First things first, let’s talk about testing our soil before we get into affairs of the heart. In the spring of each year we test our soil. This is not to see if any particular field should apply […] Read more…

A Mother’s Day Tribute to MilkTruck.


It didn’t seem right to celebrate Mother’s Day without talking about the “Foster Mother’s of the Human Race“. And if we are going to celebrate this day with our ladies, on our farm it’s only fitting to talk about our greatest cow, MilkTruck. MilkTruck is our oldest cow, she is 9 years old and is […] Read more…

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