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New calf abuse video rocks the dairy industry.


On Thursday a new undercover video showing abuse of dairy calves in Colorado was released by¬† the animal rights group, Compassion Over Killing. The video shows calves being handled roughly, it shows dead calves and it shows footage that makes my heart hurt. The video was shot in an area of Colorado that is still […] Read more…

Panera Bread, we have something to say to you.


To my followers and readers, I’ve teamed up with the Animal Agriculture Alliance to send a follow-up letter to Panera Bread Company, solidifying our position about their anti-antibiotics campaign. The letter will include our specific grievances with the advertisements and will attempt to set up a meeting where myself and other industry representatives can begin […] Read more…

It’s Cow Appreciation Day! Let’s Party!


Today is National Cow Appreciation Day! WOOOOOOOOT! Yes, I know that Chick-Fil-A celebrated on Friday, and I did this post last week… but I was told that it was today so that’s what I am going with. Besides cows are awesome enough to be celebrated every day anyways! I’m fairly certain that anybody who reads […] Read more…

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