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It’s Cow Appreciation Day! Let’s Party!


Today is National Cow Appreciation Day! WOOOOOOOOT! Yes, I know that Chick-Fil-A celebrated on Friday, and I did this post last week… but I was told that it was today so that’s what I am going with. Besides cows are awesome enough to be celebrated every day anyways! I’m fairly certain that anybody who reads […] Read more…

Pin Worthy Toffee with Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt.


So just in time for last minute Christmas baking I wanted to share a super simple and super fast Toffee recipe that you’re sure to love! Butter, Sugar, Chocolate and Salt, that’s it! Toffee with Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt. 2 Cups Butter 2 Cups Sugar 1 Cup Dark Chocolate chips. 2 Tbs Sea Salt […] Read more…

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