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Cow Boogers Happen


Sometimes you just have to post a bunch of cute cow nose photos. There is really only one way for a cow to deal with cow boogers. Since they lack thumbs and I refuse to buy them Kleenex until they promise not to eat them, they have to deal with boogers the only way a […] Read more…

Where The Wild Holstein Roam.

Funny poem about dairy cows

Last night while tossing and turning and in a NyQuil induced fog my mind wandered on to the idea of what the lives of the wild Holstein cow that animal rights activists like to talk about, must be like. I mean they have to be basing their knowledge off of an actual herd of wild […] Read more…

Girls! Girls! Girls!


The other night in the middle of milking I had a thought about my present state of employment. I shared that thought on my facebook page and I guess people liked it. Because it was a mid milking ramble I didn’t get out my full thoughts about the subject, but now that I have a […] Read more…