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We’re going on a date tonight.


A few weeks ago Hubs was cursing at the top of his lungs at our bagger (The piece of machinery that puts the feed we chop into the long white plastic tubes that you see), it had busted again. The bagger busting again made him swear but the volume and creativity to his outburst came […] Read more…

Truck No.


I may offend you with this post. If you have ever followed my tweets during various music award shows you shouldn’t be surprised. I’m just going to come right out and say it, Tim McGraw’s song “Truck Yeah” is the perfect example of everything that is wrong with country music today. Dustin Lynch’s song, ” […] Read more…

Worth The Fight. #WorthTheFight


am a music lover. If there isn’t music playing from my computer, car radio, phone or TV you can bet that I have a song stuck in my head. Music makes my day go faster. It helps me unwind after a long day with the cows or a day filled with people I don’t really […] Read more…