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The Underdog.


  This week the number 1 album on the Billboard Country charts is by an artist that many of you have probably never heard of. Aaron Watson, a veteran in the Texas Country/ Red Dirt music scene, released his 15th album this week. It’s called The Underdog and it’s living up to it’s scrappy name. […] Read more…

A storm rolled in.


Here in Southern Wisconsin, Tuesday was a beautiful day. After a cold weekend and a Monday that struggled to get to 60 degrees the almost temps reaching almost 80 on Tuesday was extra nice. Being as that I am a Wisconsin girl I know that temperature swings like that usually come with storms, but the […] Read more…

Why the heck am I heading to Kansas?


When I started my blog last year I wasn’t really certain that anyone would care to read what I had to say. Of course I had big dreams of people flocking to my blog in mass numbers but honestly I started writing this blog more for myself than for anyone else. Today when I look […] Read more…

Hay Drive Update!


So it’s been awhile since i’ve sent out an update on the hay drive. To be honest things have been a little slow lately but now we are picking up steam again and getting ready to send out more hay! So far we have sent out 6 semi loads of hay. We have another load […] Read more…

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