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Growing tomatoes on the tarmac.


During my travels I am taking lots of photos of things I think you might find interesting. Today I want to share with you a photo tour of a unique little spot I found inside of O’Hell O’Hare airport. According to O’Hare’s website, their aeroponic garden is the first in the world. I wasn’t sure […] Read more…

Corn Sex! With photos!


This post is about corn pollination. If you’re here for corny jokes, you’re good. If you’re here for a weird fetish, you’re in the wrong place. The above was added after I found out that this blog post is the number one google hit for several search terms that cover some stuff that I didn’t […] Read more…

What are you hiding? Ag Gag laws aren’t the solution.


This might be kind of disjointed, I have a lot of thoughts about this topic and they don’t all flow together easily. Currently several states are looking at legislation that would help protect farmers from undercover videos being shot on their farms by animal rights activists. The proposed laws have been given the name “Ag […] Read more…

Alltech thinks that dairy farmers are heroes….


So, if you didn’t know, I am currently in Lexington Kentucky attending a conference put on by Alltech called Global 500. Alltech is a global company that makes natural feed additives for animals, they also make beer and bourbon… It’s a cool company… This conference is a learning opportunity for dairy and beef producers from […] Read more…

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