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Blizzards and Bullshit.


Pardon my language. Earlier this week a massive storm marched across half of North America. I’m not really sure when the powers that be decided to start naming winter storms but they called this one “Winter Storm Goliath” and to be honest, it seems those in charge of naming storms came up with a pretty […] Read more…

Pain you can’t even imagine.


If you aren’t in the ag world, you most likely haven’t heard about the devastating loss that ranchers in western South Dakota are struggling with after being hit by winter storm Atlas. For some reason the news stations aren’t covering this story. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t. This story has heartbreak, tragedy and even […] Read more…

Spraying our fields.


So this spring and summer so far has been wet. It won’t stop raining. Not only have we not been able to plant the majority of our crops, the soggy and wet weather has created other problems. We work with an independent crop consultant named Tom. During the growing season Tom checks our crops and […] Read more…

A storm rolled in.


Here in Southern Wisconsin, Tuesday was a beautiful day. After a cold weekend and a Monday that struggled to get to 60 degrees the almost temps reaching almost 80 on Tuesday was extra nice. Being as that I am a Wisconsin girl I know that temperature swings like that usually come with storms, but the […] Read more…

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