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What do cows eat?

feeding cows corn

What do cows eat? Last year I made a little survey that I sent out to friends who sent it to their friends and so on, until I had well over 200 responses from folks of all walks of life and from all over the country. I wanted to know how people outside of the […] Read more…

Mercy For Animals has released an undercover video in Wisconsin and they are tying it to Digiorno Pizza.

Wisconsin Dairy Farm response to Mercy For Animals

This morning a video that Mercy For Animals (MFA) made on Wiese Brothers Dairy here in Wisconsin was released. The Mercy for Animals video is being tied to Digiorno Pizza because the farm shipped their milk to Foremost Farms which in turn sold that milk to a company that makes cheese that Digiorno Pizza buys […] Read more…

I never wanted to be a Wife.


Some little girls grow up dreaming of being someone’s Wife. That wasn’t me. To be fair, I also didn’t grow up dreaming of being a dairy farmer. Veterinarian, Ballerina, Barrel Racer, Interpreter for the Deaf… Those were all things I thought I would be when I “grew up”. Turns out that I hate studying and […] Read more…

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